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Southwell Minster


Southwell Rehearsals and Concerts

Arrangments for Southwell 14 May 2016.
Arrive for about 2:00pm and find seats ready for a rehearsal at 2:15pm, finishing about 4:45pm
(Note this is about 15 mins later than usual - we normally start rehearsal at 2pm)
Please remember folders + concert dress, if you are not going home between the rehearsal and concert.
Note men - black normal tie + black shirt and trousers - as we had for Carmina Burana, as it looked really good.
The Minster Cafe will be open for us until 5:30 in 2016. It has previously stayed open later than normal to allow people to eat there before the concert. However we are a large choir and the cafe is small. It will only sell drinks and snacks, not full meals. It is therefore worth bringing something with you to drink, as a backup in case they are overrun. You will definitely need to bring your own food.
Some members sometimes arrange an informal group picnic in the minster grounds after the rehearsal in the summer (weather and enthusiasm permitting). If you would like to do that, talk to your friends!!
7:15 line up in the transept behind the choral frame for 7:30pm start
Allow plenty of time for parking - it can be difficult.

This year refreshments are being served at the interval in the transept, so lining up for the second half may need a little more care than usual.

Trebeck Hall (purple on plan) will be open/available for use by the choir from 12:00 until the end of the concert. Changing rooms will be labelled and are usually used by both Choir and Orchestra. Do not leave valuables in there as it will not be locked.

(Static image to right from google maps. Interactive map below if you have Java enabled)

Southwell Plan